Field Journal- November 16th- Dressing for the Rain

A homeschooler shows off his rain fashion.

It’s been so beautiful lately that this topic almost doesn’t seem relevant. But the rainsare coming and I’ve promised for awhile now to write about the art of dressing for the rain. It’s quite different spending just an hour or so in the rain and spending the whole day out there.  An umbrella and rain jacket just won’t quite suffice. For an optimal experience you never want to even get cold, because once you do it’s very hard to get warm even by a fire. So here are some tips:

*Wear a very warm under layer comprised of natural fibers. Silk and wool are best.  I usually wear wool socks, silk long johns, a silk long sleeved shirt, a silk scarf, a wool hat, wool gloves and wool sweater.

*Wear a fully water proof over layer.  Rubber boots, rain pants and a nice breathable rain jacket are ideal.

*Avoid cotton! It will get very cold when wet and not dry out easily. Wool on the other hand will keep you warm even if it is soaking.  I know people who don’t even wear a rain jacket, but just wear heavy wool and let it get wet.

Hope this helps.

Have fun out there.

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