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8 Responses to Testimonials

  1. camilo gaston-greenberg says:

    I had a great time. I learned a bunch and I liked the way you taught, it was very laid back and accessible without losing any of serious skills sharing. Look forward to more walks. Take care.

  2. Joanna Karraker says:

    Hey Mia, thanks for all your wonderful insights, about spring greens but also about human interactions with our wildlands in general. I’m still enjoying munching on acorn flour you taught me to process (well, tan oak nuts), and toyon berries and bay nuts, and of course the abundant spring salad at my feet when I step into the forest. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about all these delightful treats!

  3. Cynthia Neville says:

    Mia is a wonderful, fun, inspiring, wise and humble teacher. Being in her wild food walks is a wake-up to the wealth and prosperity under our feet, and to the community of inter-connected living beings on this Earth. She shares the empowerment that a healthy planet, healthy bodies are all a matter of re-educating ourselves to recieve the bounty we are constantly being offered by the Earth. She brings a respectful attitude to life and so much knowledge. Thank you, Mia!

  4. I have been working with Mia for a few years now with the Dirt Time program in Fairfax and can say that I liked her energy from the minute I met her! She has a sweet and kind personality and is authentic in her approach to teaching. She is very patient with kids and open to new ideas. Mia has a deep respect for the earth which is reflected through her teaching style and knowledge of the environment both spiritual and practical.

  5. Kara says:

    Dirt Time was the best class I ever took. Thanks, Mia.

  6. Teri Meadows says:

    My daughters couldn’t be learning anything more important than what they learn at Dirt Time with Mia. I feel extremely fortunate to have Mia teach my girls about our local surroundings and our Earth.

  7. Claire Thuesen says:

    Thanks for another great camp Mia. My son loved it!

  8. Lisaoc@earthlink.net says:

    My 8 year old son had so much fun at Mia’s camp, Fairfax Tracks. He loved all of it! Everyday he came home so excited and happy to have been with Mia and the other counselors and the children. I was happy he could be out in nature all day, doing such fun activities, such as tie-dying their own camp shirts. He can’t wait to do camp again! Thanks Mia.

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