Wild Food Walks

Is it possible to feed ourselves from the landscape we live in?

Long ago, but not so long ago, the people of this land nourished themselves purely from what grew and grazed within a hundred mile radius.  While this landscape has dramatically changed with our influence since then, a memory of what used to be still remains in the form of native plants and their gifts.  We live in an incredibly abundant place where food literally grows at our feet. With more people getting interested in eating local, I feel the importance of having a grounded knowledge of the plants and this land more and more.  There is a good reason why foraging is illegal in many parks. My wild foods walks and events focus on plant based knowledge and respectful harvesting techniques. It is my hope that by sharing this knowledge it may be possible to rejuvenate this land and once again meet our basic needs here in a balanced way.

I lead regular walks and events that are posted below.  If you can’t make it to one of those, you can schedule a custom walk for your family or group.  Contact me for more information on that.

Upcoming Walks and Events:

I’m sorry to say I do not have any walks scheduled currently. I am quite busy directing Vilda. Also the parks in my area have asked me not to teach about wild foods on their lands which makes finding locations for walks locally very difficult. I do love leading wild food walks so if you have a suggestion or a custom group I would be happy to. Its easier if someone else sets it up for me. Feel free to contact me.

Walk on the Wildside series-

Come explore the edible landscape on a Sunday morning stroll.  Each walk focuses on what is seasonally available and how to harvest it in a regenerative manner.  When permitted, we will sample our local flavors and occasionally make a special dish such as acorn pancakes or thistle pesto. These walks are family friendly.

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