Youth Programs

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I grew up skipping, sneaking, running and jumping freely around forests and islands in Northern Europe. I spent my days outdoors inventing games with my brothers, making magic potions out of plants and building shelters in the trees. In the evening I’d come home to grandpa’s made-up stories.  I didn’t realize that was a privledge back then. Now I do, suburban kids these days rarely have those luxuries.  Luxuries that to me seem like necessities.

Place-Based Experiential Education

There is so much learning that happens by simply playing outdoors. In my programs we explore the landscape as a tribe of kids motivated by natural curiosity and the wonders of the present moment.  We enter a timeless, boundaryless classroom where each plant and animal is a teacher, each path a lesson and each muddy footstep an adventure. My youth programs facilitate place-based experiences that create lasting memories and connect the group to a deep well of ancient wisdom often lost in our modern world. I serve as a guide on the adventure, sharing skills and knowledge, fostering the natural curiosity of the children and keeping them safe.

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